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SLA/SLS Prototyping by 3D Solutions
Polyjet / SLA / SLS / FDM

3D Solutions is the first to have the new Objet Connex 500 in the Southeast. This unique machine has the ability to simultaneously print three dimensional parts (polyjet) in two materials. By using a flexible material and a rigid material it is now possible to print over-molded parts. The Connex also has the ability to blend the two materials into 8 different materials in a single build. This blending process allows you to try “digital” materials with different durometers and mechanical characteristics.

To find out more about these materials go to the Connex digital material website

The Connex is also one of the most accurate RP machines on the market. It builds a .0004” layer, giving parts outstanding surface finish and detail right off of the machine.

We have an excellent staff of model makers that can take a polyjet part to a production like finish when required.

3DS has partnered with SLA/SLS/ and FDM providers that allow us to be your one stop shop for any prototyping need. We bring in the unfinished product and utilize our experienced staff to finish any of the RP processes to our high level of standards.


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